AMSA National Submissions

2020 Draft Policy on Great Barrier Reef Interventions (July 2020)
2020 Review of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (April 2020)
2019 Limmen Bight Marine Park Draft Plan of Management (October 2019)
2019 Response to consultation on the near coastal qualifications review and proposed Marine Order 5065 (Certificates of competency - national law) 2019 (September 2019)
2019 Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program Draft Environmental Plan (March 2019)
2019 Marine National Facility Access Framework (February 2019)
2018 Australia's Strategy for Nature 2018-2030 (March 2018)
2017 Commonwealth Marine Reserves Draft Plans 2017 (September 2017)
2017 Marine Pest Plan 2017-2022 (v2.0) (June 2017)
2017 Innovation and Science Australia 2030 Strategic Plan Issues Paper (May 2017)
2017 Draft 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap (January 2017)
2016 Current and future impacts of climate change on marine fisheries and biodiversity (November 2016) 
2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Capability Issues Paper (September 2016)
2015 Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review Committee (April 2015)
2014 IMOS Strategy 2015-25 Plan (May 2014)
2014 Draft National Environment and Community Biosecurity RD&E Strategy 2014-2017 (May 2014) 
2012  House of Representatives Inquiry into the role of science for fisheries & aquaculture (May 2012)
2012 Australian biofouling management requirements (RIS) (February 2012)
2012 Marine Bioregional Plan for the Temperate East marine region (February 2012)
2011 Marine Bioregional Plan for the North-west marine region (November 2011)
2011 Marine Bioregional Plan for the North marine region (November  2011)
2011 South-west Commonwealth marine reserve network (August 2011)
2011 Inquiry into Australia's Biodiversity in a Changing Climate (July 2011)
2009 Review of the National Biodiversity Strategy, Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2020       (May 2009)
2007 AMSA-ACRS MPA Consensus Statement (September 2007) 
2006 Science and Innovation Study (July 2006)
2006 Senate MPA Inquiry (March 2006)
2006 South East Marine Regional Plan (March 2006)
2005 Marine Taxonomy in the New Millennium: A Discussion Paper for the Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (April 2005)
2005 Draft Implementation Framework for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (April 2005)
2005 Draft Strategic Assessment of Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Appraisal Activities (April 2005)
2003 Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Draft Zoning Plan (August 2003)
2002 National Research Priorities (August 2002)


AMSA Branch Submissions

2020   AMSA SA Branch submission - Proposed changes to SA's marine parks (July 2020)
2020 AMSA NSW Branch submission - Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade (March 2020)
2018 AMSA NSW Branch Press Release on Sydney Marine Park  (September 2018)
2018 AMSA NSW Branch submission - Proposed Marine Park in Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion (September 2018)
2016 AMSA WA Branch submission - The Yawuru Nagulagun/Roebuck Bay Marine Park Indicative Joint Management Plan (November 2016)
2016 AMSA NSW Branch submission - Summary of the Environment Panel's Key Environmental Issues for Sydney (October 2016)
2016 AMSA WA Branch submission - The Application to the Department of the Environment on the Marine Aquarium fish Managed Fishery and the Take of Marine Aquarium Species for Aquaculture Brookdstock Purposes (October 2016) 
2016 AMSA WA Branch submission - Proposed North Kimberley Marine Park Draft Joint Management Plan
(May 2016)
2016 AMSA NSW Branch submission - Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion Assessment (May 2016)
2015 AMSA WA Branch submission - Indicative Management Plan for the proposed Yawuru Nagulagun Marine Park and Yawuru Birragun Conservation Park (September 2015)
2014 AMSA WA Branch submission- WA Lethal Drum Line Program as Part of its Shark Hazard Mitigation Strategy (June 2014)
2013 AMSA NSW Branch submission - Changes to management of the NSW marine estate and amnesty on fishing in sanctuary zones (June 2013)
2013 AMSA VIC Branch submission - VCC Victorian Coastal Strategy 2014 (June 2013)
2013 AMSA VIC Branch submission - VEAC Marine Investigation Dicussion Paper (May 2013)
2003 AMSA NQ Branch submission - Representative Areas Program (August 2003)
2003 AMSA NQ Branch submission - Ecological Assessment of the Qld East Coast Otter Trawl Fishery (January 2003)