Senate Inquiry on Climate-related Marine Invasive Species

AMSA provided a submission to the Senate Inquiry on Climate-related Marine Invasive Species on 6 September 2021.

Six recommendations were provided in the submission:

  1. Recognize Centrostephanus rodgersii (black or long-spined urchin) as a native species within its historical range in New South Wales . The species is shifting its range southwards and in doing so is creating new habitats in Tasmania;
  2. Prioritize region-specific research to understand predator-prey dynamics in ‘urchin barren’ habitats;
  3. Recognise sea urchin barrens as a natural habitat important for biodiversity in New South Wales;
  4. Ensure that sanctuary (no-take) zones are maintained with no sea urchin removals;
  5. Prioritize research and management actions to ensure the sustainable harvest of C. rodgersii, which is a finite resource; and
  6. Recognize that synergistic effects of anthropogenically induced climate change such as warming waters, increased storm action and freshwater influx which are highly deleterious to macroalgal forests and can compromise restoration efforts.

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