Mission, Objectives and Values

AMSA - The Voice of Marine Science in Australia

AMSA Mission Statement 

Advancing marine science in Australia

AMSA Objectives 

To achieve our mission of 'Advancing Marine Science in Australia', AMSA has two objectives: 

  • Promote, develop and assist in the study of all branches of marine science in Australia;
  • Provide for the exchange of information and ideas between those concerned with marine science by means of publications, meetings, symposia and such other methods as may be considered appropriate.

AMSA Values

The values of AMSA are dedicated to communication amongst professionals working in all fields of marine science, and the dissemination of knowledge about the marine environment to the wider public. AMSA seeks to provide high quality services to members to support and improve marine science in Australia. Engaging with members across all fields of marine science to create an vibrant, active and membership driven association.