Dr Ed Butler

Councillor: 2014 -

Ed is a marine environmental chemist and chemical oceanographer. He completed his undergraduate training in marine science and biochemistry at the University of Melbourne and went on there to do a PhD on iodine cycling in the oceans. A first postdoctoral fellowship was done in the Atlantic Regional Laboratory of the Natural Research Council Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A further postdoctorate with CSIRO brought Ed back to Australia, where he began a span of almost 28 years at CSIRO, joining what was then their new Marine Laboratories in Hobart. During this period, Ed oscillated between open-ocean and estuarine research, and worked between the Antarctic and Equatorial waters. He also studied most of the major estuaries in southern and western Tasmania. More recently, Ed has made a sea change and is now located in Darwin as Science Leader for AIMS in the Northern Territory. His interests remain with Australian regional seas and estuaries, but the northern macrotidal estuaries and the Arafura and Timor Seas are a stark contrast to previous experience. He is looking forward to refashioning his concepts of marine science. After three decades in a career that he has always found stimulating and ever evolving, Ed is looking to put back into the profession; membership of AMSA Council is an effective way to progress toward this goal.


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