Dr Craig Styan

As Australia’s peak professional body for marine scientists from all disciplines and for over 60 years has promoted all aspects of marine science in Australia. AMSA operates with a membership network of individuals and corporate affiliates as a not-for-profit organisation.

AMSA Treasurer: 2011-2014
Vice-President: 2014-2015


Dr Craig Styan has been AMSA member since joining as an undergraduate sometime in the last millennium. After an Honours year working on marine parasites at Adelaide University and then work as a research assistant with David Ayre in Wollongong, Craig completed his PhD on the reproductive ecology of scallops back in Adelaide. He then worked as a fisheries biologist, running abalone monitoring programmes, followed by a post-doc with Mick Keough at Melbourne University learning to understand good coffee. Next was a position as a U2000 research fellow/lecturer position at Sydney University based in Tony Underwood’s research centre for five years, teaching marine ecology, experimental design and statistical analysis. He then moved south to Deakin University at Warrnambool, where he froze for three years before leaving for four years riding the resources boom in environmental consultancy in Western Australia, designing environmental monitoring programmes for oil and gas companies. Along the way he has also managed to do some research in Sweden, the UK and New Zealand. 

In 2012, Craig moved to University College London, based in the School of Energy and Resources at the UCL Australia campus in Adelaide, where he teaches in the Masters of Energy and Resource Management course and continues research into assessing impacts of the energy and resources sectors on the marine environment.

University College London, Australia website

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