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4-8 July 2010
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Preparation Format for Abstracts (for Oral and Poster Presentations)

Abstracts - General

Abstracts are required for all presentations: oral, symposium and poster. The maximum word count is to be 350 (including authors & title etc.). If longer than 350 words, the font size will be reduced in the Abstract book to fit 2/page.
All abstracts are to be prepared as described below.

All abstracts are to be submitted to this site via the Abstract Submission link.
Before uploading your abstract file, please make sure that your abstract has been totally cleared of the 'track changes' notations from Word.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee and, in the case of presentations offered for a Symposium, also by the respective symposium organise.

Refer to Important Dates for the closing date for abstracts. The Conference Timetable will be posted to this web site as soon as available, and will also be emailed to you. Please check this timetable for your presentation. If your preferred oral presentation is to be changed to a poster presentation because of time restraints in the program, you will be advised by email. However, if you need to know your timetabled presentation time before it is posted because of travel arrangements or conflicts, please make a note in the Additional Comment field, and email the committee.

Please note that after the first published draft timetable with response time allowed from presenters prior to the final timetable, no changes will be made to the timetable.

Abstract Preparation

There is an abstract template that you can download now or from the abstract submission.

The instructions below are in line with the template for preparation to upload your Word document.

General Use Times Roman size 11 font.
Please use the same font for all the abstract. Do not select and change any text (with the exception of scientific names into italics).
To assist with production of the Abstract book, use only the available template - do not use any other Word styles or bolding or other formatting.
Please remove hyperlinks from emails.
Make sure that your abstract has been totally cleared of the 'track changes' notations from Word.
First line - TITLE Title. With nouns only capitalised. DO NOT capitalise the entire title. Please keep the title as short as possible (about 115 characters).
Second line(s)
Authors. Last name of first author first. Please use first names for all authors, not just initials.
Presenting author with an asterisk.
Use superscript figures if different addresses need to be indicated in the addresses.
Jones, Mike*1, Ben Smith1, Amy Smyth2 and Joe Green1

Third line(s)
Author addresses. Each on a separate line. Superscripted as necessary.
1 (tab)University of Wollongong, Wollongong NSW 2522
Do not use any more punctuation than in the line above. Do not add 'Australia' to addresses - only add the country if not Australia.
Fourth section
Presenting author email. Do not type the word: 'email'.
Please remove hyperlinked email addresses in the submitted document
Fifth section
Abstract. One paragraph text only, 300 words. If extra paras are submitted, they will be joined together for printing. Also note that if the abstract is longer than 350 words, the text size will be reduced for printing. Do not indent the first line.
Do not add graphics, tables, keywords or references (they will be deleted in the Handbook version).
If there is a list of items in your abstract, please use bullet indents.