Northern Territory


The Northern Territory (NT) branch of the Australian Marine Science Association, although small in numbers, has a vast wealth of experience in coastal and marine studies. Members are from a variety of host institutions in the NT and cross many disciplines. We also encourage an active student membership.


AMSA NT aims to promote all aspects of marine science in the Northern Territory. Our activities include:


  1. Public promotion of marine science in the NT – i.e. public seminars & events, website, media stories, ‘Science Week’.
  2. Mentoring of ‘early-career’ marine scientists.
  3. Peer support and networking
  4. Social events, fund-raising (eg. To support student members – national conference attendance).
  5. Targetted field days.
  6. Symposiums & workshops.
  7. NT AMSA Newsletter.
  8. Formal comment on NT marine development assessments (ie. INPEX).
  9. Formal comment on NTG policies, strategies & plans.
  10. Nomination of rare & threatened marine species & habitats in the NT.
  11. Direct lobbying of NT Government and marine industries for increased support for marine science in the NT.
  12. Membership drives.


You are invited to become a member of AMSA and the NT Branch. To do this, you can attend one of our upcoming functions and join, or complete the online membership application.


NT Branch Contact Details 2017–18