Australia’s Draft Science and Research Priorities and National Science Statement

AMSA provided a submission on Australia’s Draft Science and Research Priorities and National Science Statement.

AMSA supports the currently stipulated high-level priorities and objectives; however we provide suggestions in response to the consultation questions to help strengthen and refine the draft priorities and objectives.

The process for consultation and development of the National Science Statement, the manner in which this links to consultation to date on the National Priorities, and the potential form that the Statement might take are not clear to AMSA at this stage. For this reason, it is difficult for AMSA to provide concrete input towards the Statement on how the listed entities might best support the Priorities. In a general sense, AMSA thinks that key elements would be:

  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging in science agencies and programs.
  • Adequate, stable and long-term resourcing for science infrastructure in the marine space (including for marine observation/monitoring and assessment Antarctic/Southern Ocean science).
  • Adequate institutional support from science agencies and government science programs for continuing building and maintenance of domestic and international science relationship and Australia’s reputation in science excellence.

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