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As Australia’s peak professional body for marine scientists from all disciplines and for over 60 years has promoted all aspects of marine science in Australia. AMSA operates with a membership network of individuals and corporate affiliates as a not-for-profit organisation.

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Contributing to the AMSA Bulletin is a great way to raise your profile, promote your work and get more form your AMSA membership!

All types of contributions are welcome and members should contact the AMSA Editor ( to discuss ideas or for more information.

We regularly include the following types of contributed articles in the Bulletin:

Feature articles provide in-depth analyses, descriptions or discussions of a particular topic, issue or body of work. (400-3000 words)

Tales from the field is our travelogue series where AMSA members share their stories from field trips to interesting places, doing (or observing) interesting things. (400-2000 words)

AMSA Experts Top 3 Tips is a place for AMSA members to share their wisdom on a particular topic. Please get in touch if you fancy yourself an expert or want some advice about anything in particular. (1-3 sentences for each of 3 tips)

AMSA Student members can also publish their thesis abstract in the Bulletin once conferred and let other members know about their research interests and backgrounds. (up to 400 words)

The AMSA marine photo competition is always open to AMSA members and the winners’ images are published throughout the next edition of the Bulletin. To enter anytime, just email us your images, along with a headshot of yourself and a brief bio (1-3 sentences)

Deadline for contributions to the next edition of the AMSA Bulletin:

  • TBA

 Quick guide for intending contributors:

All contributions must be submitted as a .doc file (i.e. not included in an email and with no non-style formatting). Please remove hyperlinks and do not use formatting such as bold. All graphics should be sent separately as high quality tif or jpg or eps files. The photographer or copyright holder of images should be included along with a brief (1-sentence) description of the image at the end of the text. All quotations and references should have been verified. Titles of books and periodicals should be in italics. 

For further information please contact the editor ( 

Note: Changes to your postal and email addresses may prevent you from receiving the latest issue of the AMSA Bulletin. Please login to your member profile and check that you have provided the correct information. 

Advertising Rates (including GST)

 Full page per issue  $ 310
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20% discount for three issues (if paid in advance)

History of the AMSA Bulletin 

The Bulletin was first distributed as the AMSA Newsletter edited by Dr Jim Thomson and appeared in January 1963. Since 2004, the Bulletin has been published three times annually and is available electronically to all financial AMSA members. The Bulletin has a long history in the Association with 18 editors leading the publication since 1963: Elizabeth Pope, Bruce Campbell, Brian Newell, Roger Braddock, Darwin Evans, Norm Millward, Ron Kenny, Alan Dartnall, Vivienne Mawson, Ian Tibbetts, Jon Havenhand, Emma Johnston, Megan Huggett, Patricia von Baumgarten, Claire Smallwood, Luke Hedge, Sarah Marley and Alexandra Campbell. Over the years, the covers and layout of the Bulletin have evolved.