Membership Types and Fees

As Australia’s peak professional body for marine scientists from all disciplines and for over 60 years has promoted all aspects of marine science in Australia. AMSA operates with a membership network of individuals and corporate affiliates as a not-for-profit organisation.

Membership Types


Professional Members – Individuals who are or have been engaged, or directed research, in a branch of marine science or in marine science education and who either possess appropriate academic qualifications or because of knowledge and experience occupy positions that ordinarily would, in the opinion of Council, require academic qualification.

Student Members – Individuals who are studying marine science related subjects at a tertiary level education and are enrolled at an educational institution in part-time (i.e. with at least a 50% load) or full-time student status. Student members can retain this membership type up to 12 months after graduation.

Corporate Members – Organisations, agencies or institutions that have objects, powers or functions relevant to marine science and that are interested in, and wish to support, the Objects of the Association in a demonstrable way. By granting Corporate Membership, AMSA does not automatically endorse the activities of our Corporate members and these members do not influence AMSA’s position statements.

Honorary Life Members – Individuals who are distinguished for their research in marine science or have rendered meritorious service to the Association.

Associate Members – Individuals who are not professional marine scientists but have an interest in marine science and the ocean realm. Associate status allows access to AMSA events, national and regional, AMSA communications and networks including social media channels.
(As this membership type was created in 2022, the online application form is in the process of being updated. If you are applying for this membership type, please contact the membership manager at


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 Annual Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Membership Fees
(incl. GST)
2 -Year Membership Fees
(incl. GST)
3-Year Membership Fees
(incl. GST)
Professional $   99.00 $ 198.00 $ 297.00
Student $   49.00 $   98.00 $ 147.00
Corporate $ 300.00
Associate $   49.00 $  98.00 $  147.00

Multi-year membership fees are applicable to both Professional, Student and Associate membership types.
From 2015, State branch fees are included automatically and will be allocated based on the address in your member profile.

Library Subscription ($100 per year) – For libraries interested in subscribing to AMSA Bulletins, please go to Corporate Membership application page or contact


Nomination of Membership

A nomination of a person for Membership of the Association as a Professional, Student, Corporate or Associate Member must be:

  • made in writing in the form as determined by Council and based on that at Appendix 1 (of the Constitution) by a Financial Member, who is an individual having personal knowledge of the nominee; and
  • accompanied by the written consent of the nominee (which may be endorsed on the nomination form); and
  • in the case of a nomination for Student Membership, accompanied by evidence from the student’s educational institution (e.g. attestation by the student’s supervisor/lecturer/tutor) as to the student’s status;
  • in the case of a nomination for Corporate Membership, accompanied by appropriate corporate credentials (such as ACN, ABN, certificate of incorporation) as well as a statement as to why Corporate Membership is being sought) and details of an appropriate corporate contact point (Note: a Corporate Member may appoint (by designating an individual or an office in its organisation) one representative only at any one time who may in person exercise the rights of that Corporate Member including the right to attend and vote at General Meetings. Member benefits do not extend to employees of a Corporate Member); 
  • lodged online supported by the appropriate subscription and any documents required to

Currently the process of nomination of membership and confirmation of student status by supervisor/lecturer/tutor are through emails sent automatically to the nominator and/or supervisor when a person applies for AMSA membership online. For Professional and Associate Membership, the nominator must be a current financial member of AMSA. For Student Membership, the nominator and supervisor can be the same person if his/her supervisor is a current financial member of AMSA. The student’s supervisor need not be a current AMSA member and if the student do not know any AMSA member to be a nominator, please send an email to, who will direct you to a potential nominator.