Dr Paul Carnell

As Australia’s peak professional body for marine scientists from all disciplines and for over 60 years has promoted all aspects of marine science in Australia. AMSA operates with a membership network of individuals and corporate affiliates as a not-for-profit organisation.

Councillor: 2019 –

Paul is currently a Research Fellow in the Blue Carbon Lab at Deakin University. Paul works on valuing the many ecosystem services that coastal and freshwater wetlands provide so we can better protect and restore these ecosystems. This includes the ability of wetlands to store significant quantities of organic carbon (aka “Blue Carbon”). Paul also works on understanding ecosystem dynamics so that we can better manage coastal ecosystems now and into the future.

Paul graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science, and finished his PhD there in 2015, working with Prof. Mick Keough. Paul then joined the newly formed Blue Carbon Lab at Deakin University. Paul’s research has crossed from sessile invertebrates to sea urchins and kelp forest ecology, and then into seagrass, mangroves and saltmarsh ecosystems. More recently, this has gone even further upstream to freshwater wetlands. Paul is currently based at the Deakin University Queenscliff Marine Research Station.

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