AMSA Allen Award

The Australian Marine Sciences Association Allen Award is to provide full financial support to an outstanding postgraduate student to attend the upcoming AMSA conference with the aim of providing the student with the opportunity to gain experience and contacts. The Allen Award is in memory of Kay Radway and Rosa Allen, who were both active on AMSA Council for many years and is supported by a bequest from the estate of the late K Radway Allen and has been established since June 2008.

AMSA Allen Award Recipients

Read a Conference Report from a previous winner

Annual Call for Applications - Closes 15th March each year (extended to 1st April for 2023)

In your application, you must include: 

    1. First Name, Last Name, Email, Institution/University, Degree enrolled in or just completed, Academic Supervisor Name (Primary), Academic Supervisor's email
    2. A scientific abstract for your conference presentation (<250 words)

    3. A statement addressing the personal benefit you would gain from attending the next AMSA conference (<250 words) - What do you expect to gain from attending the next AMSA conference? What do you hope to take away from it?

    4. A statement indicating the significance and innovation of your research (<250 words) - Why is your work significant? Is it innovative?

    5. Your CV (<1.5 pages, you may include links to publications if needed)

    6. A statement of support from your supervisor (<500 words) - Where you are unable to get a statement, you may provide a statement from someone familiar with your work who is not also a student

Please compile all the above documents into a single PDF file with the filename "lastname_firstname_allenaward_2019.pdf" and email it to AMSA Secretary.


Judging Criteria

Applications are assessed by a panel of AMSA Councillors, according to the following criteria:

1. The benefit to the applicant in attending the AMSA conference (50%)

- Adding to the applicant's skills and/or knowledge in a way that will enrich their research
- Providing the applicant with quality feedback on their research
- Raising national awareness of their research
- Offering possibilities for further research collaboration

2. The ability of the applicant to be an ambassador for AMSA (50%)

- The quality of the Abstract
- The significance and innovation of the research
- The track-record of the applicant, relative to opportunity


    • Be a graduate research student enrolled (either part time or full time) at an Australian University who has, by the application deadline, either: (i) not yet submitted his/her thesis; or (ii) submitted his/her thesis no earlier than the calendar year preceding the deadline for applications

    • Must have been a financial member of AMSA since the date of the close of abstracts for the conference at which the presentation is to be made and at the time of the conference

    • The work presented has to have been done as the research project to fulfil the requirements of the award of a research degree (i.e. Honours, Masters or PhD) and presented within 18 months of thesis submission

    • Must submit an abstract for an oral presentation at the upcoming AMSA conference covered by this award

    • The student must be identified and vouched for by the project supervisor(s)

    • The student is responsible for ensuring that approval from University and/or funding organisations has been granted for the presentation

    • A candidate who has been awarded an AMSA Allen Award will be ineligible for the AMSA student prizes offered for student papers at the annual conference in the year of the award

    • The winner will be expected to provide a short biography, an abstract of their paper and a short account of the conference for publication in the AMSA Bulletin as soon as possible after the conference.

Applications must be received by due date, 15th March each year.

Late applications will not be considered.

If you have any queries, please send email to AMSA Secretary.