Barossa Offshore Gas Project: Development Drilling & Completions
Barossa Offshore Gas Project: Development Drilling & Completions

NT Branch of AMSA submitted comments to the stakeholder consultation in relation to development drilling and completions activities the subject of a draft Environment Plan (Drilling EP) as part of the Barossa Offshore Gas Project on 9 July 2021.

Three recommendations were provided:

RECOMMENDATION 1: Consider complexities of cumulative pressures, multiple stressors, and various spatial and temporal scales in EP to lead industry best practice.

RECOMMENDATION 2: Expand or supplement the 4-page Information Brochure with information upon which AMSA-NT can provide expert comment, including external context, thresholds of acceptable impact and risk, risk mitigation strategies, and implementation of control measures.

RECOMMENDATION 3: Publicly release information related to potential environmental impacts and risks, including a ‘Worst Case Oil Spill’, as well as mitigation and avoidance strategies.

Please refer to the attached document for the details of the recommendations.

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