Proposed Marine Parks in the Buccaneer Archipelago and Surrounds
Proposed Marine Parks in the Buccaneer Archipelago and Surrounds

WA Branch of AMSA submitted comments on the proposed marine parks in the Bucaneer Archipelago and surrounds on on 8 June 2021.

AMSA welcomes the initiative to create three Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Kimberley.

AMSA also welcomes the co-management model put forward between the Traditional Owners and the Government of Western Australia

AMSA supports the proposed management measures outlined in the proposed Management Plans (the Plans). However AMSA consider they fall short in certain areas needed to make an effective Marine Protected Area, particularly:

  • The global target of 30% no-take areas has not been reached;
  • The documentation and citation supporting recommendations and management prescriptions should be improved;
  • There is insufficient commitment for further research to address knowledge gaps into key ecological processes including connectivity, marine wildlife and fisheries displacement in particular; and
  • There is insufficient commitment to ongoing monitoring and review in key areas and for key activities.


Please refer to the attached document for full details.


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