2019 AMSA Award Winners

2019 AMSA Award Winners are:

Jubilee Award - Emeritus Professor Helen Marsh

Technical Award - Brett Louden

Allen Award - Kate Dodds


2019 Annual Conference Student Prize Recipients are:

Ron Kenny Prize - Janine Ledet (oral) and Cassandra Thompson (poster)

Peter Holloway Prize - Lucy Arrowsmith (oral)

Ernest Hodgkin Esturary Research Prize - Caitlyn O'Dea

Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Prize - Jessica Bolin (oral)

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Prize - Todd Bond (oral)

Diversity Prize - Camile Grimaldi (oral)

RBR Prize - Jenna Hounslow (poster)

Ron Kenny High Commendation - Abigail Scott

Ron Kenny High Commendation - Eva McClure